28 февр. 2016 г.

Moving! Переезжаем!

Друзья! Должна сказать вам, что мой блог переехал на новую платформу. И теперь вы можете следить за моими кулинарными приключениями в еще более удобном формате по следующей ссылке: www.suchyummystuff.wordpress.com 

24 янв. 2016 г.

Green Breakfast - baby corn and asparagus

How do you personally feel about going a little bit vegan? I was making a huuuuge effort to stick to kinda "clean green diet" for some time this January. The thing is that I had a chance to undergo the blood test identifying my food intolerance & sensibility. And guess what? No meat at all (ok, rabbit and goose meat - but who eats it, eh??) and fish, no dairy products and eggs, no grains - only buckwheat, but plenty of vegs and fruits instead. So.. Frankly speaking, I don't have any strong beliefs considering the results of this test, but I gave it a try anyway. 
After eating tons of my fav tofu, baked eggplants, fresh carrots, avocados, raw protein and fruits, I just got tired. Sick and tired. And, on top of all, I got ill and was too lazy to invent anything vegan-friendly. 
I'm better now, yep. So today I was in the mood for the greens.

23 янв. 2016 г.

I'm back, dudes! (with the salmon fillets btw)

Viva la vida (or Vita)! 
I'm eventually back! Haven't been posting anything for a year or so - just can't believe that. How come that I abandoned this blog? Even I myself have no proper answer to this question. But please, forgive me, my Dear - it's all over now, I'm back. I changed the location, university and my whole life dramatically, but that didn't affect my passion for cooking in any sense. I continue to fall in love with every single dish I make (take simple buckwheat with onion and mushrooms - wow, these smells were just adorable yesterday, couldn't stop sniffing it with my blocked nose). I am still striving to make a delicious seducing masterpiece of every ordinary dish.
And, of course, as I was back to Russia during these Christmas holidays, I brought my camera to London. I just realized it's high time I revived Such Yummy Stuff.
So, Ladies and Gentlemen... 
The first thing I'm gonna share you with is a simple but yet super-appetizing oven-baked salmon.